Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning

Hydro Jetting is the Latest Technology in Drain Cleaning

Finding a plumbing company you can trust isn’t always easy; some of the “other guys” work on their time instead of yours, causing you to wait all day for a plumber who may or may not show up. Plus if the job isn’t done right, that could lead to major problems for you and your home. One company you can depend on is Top Service Plumbing. We are a family-run business that focuses on meeting our customer’s needs and resolving your drain issues as quickly as possible. We provide a wide range of plumbing services for both residential and commercial customers, including drain cleaning and repair.


Watch What You Put Down Your Toilets

A variety of issues can cause clogged sewer lines. The most common problem for the main sewer line is tree roots that have made their way into your sewer line. Typically seen in older homes but if a tree root has any opening in any sewer line, it can happen sooner rather than later. When the tree roots are established and in the way, then your waste products can’t make their way out to the sewer, and it becomes a significant drain problem. When the main sewer line gets clogged, it can raise havoc on all your drains throughout your home. Other common causes of drains being clogged include personal hygiene products, paper towels, and baby wipes. These products should be disposed of in your trash and not in your toilets.


Hydro Jetting for Commercial

If you own a restaurant, you know firsthand what grease can do to your drains. We can see it in our homes but most often it’s in your restaurant. You may try cabling your drain, but it’s a very short-term fix to a long-term problem. That grease will continue to build up quickly. Hydro Jetting is the only solution for grease with its ultra powerful jets, that not only breaks through your clogged drain, but will leave your pipes without residue.


Hydro Jetting Can Go The Distance

Where most cabling has a max of 200-foot range, our machine can go 500 feet if needed.

Top Service Plumbing uses the highest level of technology when it comes to Hydro Jetting. Whether you are at 50 feet or 500 feet, the same pressure is applied. In many cases, Hydro Jetting can turn what looks like a worn out pipe to one that looks like its original condition by substantially smoothing out the pipe’s surface.


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