7 Awesome Tips for Sewer and Drainage Line Cleaning

Having clogged drains and sewer lines is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. You do not want to deal with overflowing commodes and sinks filled with dirty water. However, it is bound to happen if you don’t clean your drains and pipes regularly. Hiring a professional plumbing service is the best way to keep your drains clean; however, some DIY tips don’t hurt either. 

Here are some tips to help you keep your sewer lines and drainage clean.

Use an enzyme cleaner

One of the easiest ways to keep your drains clean is to regularly put enzyme cleaners in the drains. They take time, but they get the job done. You can easily get high-quality enzyme cleaners at any nearby hardware store.

Get a snake

Snakes are cheap, handy plumbing tools ‌you can use to clear out any minor clogs. Simply insert them into your drain and pull out the clog. Having them in your home can be pretty handy in emergencies.

Use baking soda and vinegar

Your kitchen sinks and drains collect a lot of grease from leftovers and dirty dishes. All that grease sticks to the pipes and causes clogs. Baking soda and vinegar are your best DIY options to remove the grease and oil. Pour a few spoons of baking soda followed by vinegar to remove all the gunk and grease to keep your drains clean. Do it every week for the best results.

Try using hot water

Another DIY trick you can try to keep your drains clean is pouring hot water down your drains. You can do it in the kitchen and bathroom pipes and shower. The hot water displaces any buildup in your drains, preventing bigger clogs in pipes. You can do this every week during your routine cleanings.

Flush the lines

If you are not facing any clogs or blockages, you can simply flush your drains and lines once in a while to clean them quickly. You can use regular or hot water to flush the lines once or twice a month.

Hire a professional sewer and drain cleaning service

If it is too late for DIY methods and you are experiencing regular clogs even after trying them, it is best to hire a professional drain cleaning service. They have the proper tools like high-pressure jets to clear major blocks in your pipes, also known as hydro jetting drain cleaning. They also have adequate safety equipment and trained staff to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Invest in preventive maintenance

Rather than dealing with clogs after they occur, it is best to prevent them. Regularly cleaning your gutters, lines, and pipes is the best way to avoid clogs and other problems. You can hire professionals for it or try DIY methods. Just ensure you don’t overlook drain cleaning until things get problematic.

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